When I was asked to find a play for EMCT's Christmas production this year, I was very fortunate to have stumbled on Coyote's Christmas Carol for a number of reasons. First, because of the unusual nature of the script, taking as it does a familiar story and adapting it to the quirky and unique personality of the Southwest. Dickens's Christmas Carol is a story of redemption and renewal, and the elements of Hispanic and Native American mythos chosen by the author illustrate these themes perfectly. The Marley's Ghost of our play is Coyote, the quixotic trickster and agent of transformation and metamorphosis. The Ghost of Christmas Past, Mariposa, is a monarch butterfly, known for its short lifespan and migratory behavior. In this play, she symbolizes this Scrooge's own migration from Mexico to the United States--and his ability to finally 'move' from a self-interested life to one that includes others. Venada, The Ghost of Christmas Present--this Yaqui Deer Dancing Spirit is the nurturing and protective spirit that Scrooge rediscovers in himself, in time to save himself and bring happiness to to others. And La Llorona--this pained spirit of regret symbolizes the empty and bitter life that Scrooge is given opportunity to turn away from, and which he does by turning towards embracing those around him once again. Another reason this script was such a lucky find is that its fluid quality allowed me to incorporate the creativity of an amazing cast and community. My vision for this show as an ambitious one: to use Magical Realism and the power of Ensemble to sew together a shape-shifting hyper-reality where the everyday becomes mystical, and all beings are a part of something larger than themselves. Every member of this cast and our production volunteers each added their own artistic insights and ideas to realize this goal., and I believe that we are all a little different, and a little richer, for the experience. Thank you for coming to our show, and may you all be blessed--and changed--by the magic of the season! -- Debra Miller, Director